John Huff

Our dear friend John Huff passed away unexpectedly while spending time with his family on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. He was the heart of Voice Male. 

On stage, John’s humor, warmth, and laughter carried every show. Off stage, his unfailing friendship and attention to each of us, and to the behind-the-scenes needs of our group, held Voice Male together for 25 years. Words cannot convey our loss.

Beyond Voice Male, John served his community, worked for his church, lived his faith, and cultivated other life-long friendships. Above all, he loved his wife and their children. Our hearts are with all of them.

In lieu of flowers, contribute to the Huff family’s college and mission funds by clicking here, or by donating to the John Huff Memorial Account at any Zion’s Bank, or using Venmo @voicemalemusic
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March 2, 2021
4:05 pm
Im sad to hear about John's passing today. John was a companion of my brother while he was on his Mission in England. I heard so much about "Elder Huff" when I was younger. When watching Voice Male, John was so much fun and a joy to watch. His wit and humor was amazing. The energy he brought was contagious. He will be missed by so very many. My deepest condolences.
Barbra Zenns
March 2, 2021
2:06 pm
John was my 3rd missionary companion in the little town of Flimby, England. I was so sad to hear of his sudden passing. He was a passionate man with a quick wit and infectious smile. He helped me better appreciate music and understand some of the history and origins of certain musicals. He taught me a lot about building confidence. He will be missed
Michael Smith
January 28, 2021
9:22 pm
I worked with John. He always brightened my day. He was the type of person that made you feel like you were the most important person around. He did that for everyone. He was always quick with a funny quip. I speak "sarcasm" and "snark" and it was so fun to banter with him. haha. I feel blessed to have known him. He has left a hole in FamilySearch. His musical talents were amazing but he was so humble about it all. I hope he's singing and bringing joy in Heaven. I imagine the Heavenly choir is a lot brighter with John there. My heart goes out to his wife and children.
Jenny Yazzie
January 16, 2021
6:23 pm
Oh wow, I was so saddened to hear the news. I have been playing Voice Male on my a cappella radio shows for over 20 years. My deepest sympathies to the group and his family.
Brian Michaels
January 16, 2021
8:27 am
One of the most interesting conversations I had with John in working at FamilySearch was when he explained how he managed. He would ask each person on his team what they were working on and how it was going. When they answered, he might not be familiar with the intricacies of what they are working on, or fully understand some of their concerns, but he has "a really good B.S. meter." He could tell if they needed more help, or were really confused, or if they were doing ok, and then he would ask more questions or facilitate them getting the help they need. I also need to say, that I absolutely adored the memorial service. The feeling behind all of the words was so beautiful. I took notes to help me become a better husband and father. I listened to Layne's comments twice to absorb as much as I could. Thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching me some principles that I have been prayerfully seeking to know. You are all angels.
Eric Pabst
January 16, 2021
8:02 am
I worked with John at FamilySearch. I was immediately drawn to his positivity, humor, and goodness. We enjoyed many impromptu lunchroom chats about the virtues of Utah peaches (he maintained that Brigham City had the best) and other delicacies. He was a borderline foodie, after my own heart. He was infinitely approachable and enjoyed life to the fullest. I marveled that he would travel so far to work every day, which spoke so highly about both his love of FamilySearch and of his family. I have missed interacting with him since the pandemic started in March, and I will miss him sorely when the rest of the organization returns to work.
Von Landon
January 16, 2021
12:41 am
It was my distinct pleasure to work with John at FamilySearch. He was a great coworker and a fantastic human being. I fondly remember impromptu lunch chats about food, life, music, politics, you name it. John had the ability to meet with anyone at their level and engage in meaningful conversation. I will miss our chats. I will miss his incredible leadership and his drive to make the products he managed better for the people using them. Ever a true leader and friend, my memories of him are treasures of infinite worth. Thank you, John, for all you are and all you've done. Until we meet again....
Andrew Wheelwright
January 15, 2021
8:23 pm
Dear huff family. The last time I saw John was when our boys were all just little guys, 3,4,5 years old, but still remember his sweet smile and shining eyes. This menorial was so beautiful to watch and brought back awesome memories. Thank you for sharing. The Blaine Huff family sends much love and sympathy to you all. Kip, Debra, Kevin, Chris, Dulcie. And Sean and Blaine who have passed on. What an inspiration your family is.
Dulcie Hutchison
January 15, 2021
5:16 pm
We like so many others were saddened by the loss of John. We offer our condolences to the family and a reminder that his departure is only temporary. John had his own personality that drew others to him. Include us in that group. We express our love to a truly remarkable family and to John. We will all miss him.
Kay and Tamra Asay
January 15, 2021
4:35 pm
What a special service. If it weren’t for the pandemic I wouldn’t have been able to see John’s family share their memories and shed tears with them. So many familiar stories including the importance of that great film, Joe vs the Volcano. ❤️ Layne, John really did love you. Possibly even before he new he did. He would tell me stories about your singing voice and about how funny you were. For example, how you put up a sign that said, “Free bag of popcorn with every tractor purchase.” He told me that story often and I could tell you were the woman for him. No girl seemed to please him more. I’m so glad he got to spend his life with you. And you have beautiful children! They say a funeral is where the most lies are told, making someone greater than they really are. But, John really was that person. Kind, annoyingly smart, a thoughtful friend, loved his family and funny.
Patti Bogdan Uytdewilligen
January 15, 2021
3:46 pm
John's memorial service was such a beautiful tribute to him and his amazing family. I was deeply touched to learn more about him. Every interaction that I ever had with him was positive and fun; he was so joyful in his work and influenced so many around him to experience more joy in theirs. Hi work and influence will go on in the lives of all those of us who were blessed to know him.. May God bless each member of his wonderful family.
Rod DeGiulio
January 15, 2021
3:24 pm
Dear Huff Family, I had the privilege of working with John on several key initiatives over the last several years at FamilySearch. He was one of the most intelligent, hardest working, passionate, knowledgeable individuals I have ever know - a masterful 'product manager' who inspired others to become like him. He truly helped to bring individuals and families closer together on both sides of the veil by building and providing inspiring experiences on May your family find peace and comfort in the promise of the Savior’s atonement that our families can be – and will be – together forever. With deepest sympathy.
Orvill S. Paller
January 15, 2021
2:12 pm
I knew John for the first half of his life, from rolly polly infant to young adult entertainer. I could say we named our firstborn after him but that would be a stretch, in part because John was four months old at that time.. I'd like to say I taught John to speak in duck, but I'm not really sure that's true either. He knew me as Juncle O, or as JoeKing in the remote past. He was always funny, which became a bit raucous when he and I got going. Lovable guy. Condolences to Duane and Pat, whom I knew well, to Layne, whom I met briefly once or twice, and to his kids, siblings and others near and dear. This is hard. I know there may be nothing I can do to make it easier but if there is, get in touch.
Joe Perry
January 15, 2021
12:55 pm
Sending my deepest condolences to the Huff family. John and I were in New Horizons together at USU. For a very young freshman college student, it was all a bit intimidating. John was always authentic, sincere, and fun, which put everyone at ease! Treating everyone around him with respect and kindness, It has been a joy to watch New Horizons grow and become well known, with such wonderful underlying memories! I feel blessed to have been friends with him. May you find peace and comfort in the gospel at this tender time. Sincerely, Andrea Moore
Andrea Moore
January 15, 2021
12:05 pm
While I didn't know John as long as most have, I've had the great pleasure of working really closely with John for the past year. I might be at risk of sounding extremely cliche here, but I don't know how to describe John better than saying he really was larger than life! His passion for what he did shown through every day. While we were coworkers, in many ways he acted as a mentor in the aspect that he pushed the quality of my work to be the very best it could be. I'm a much more skilled professional for having worked with John, but more than that, it showed what kind of person I know John to be. He brings out the best in people, he uses love, and appreciation as tools to encourage people to be better and go further. I couldn't tell you what was more brilliant, his mind, or his smile, but either way, they served as an incredible blessing in my life, even if it was only for a short time. I will miss him dearly. I feel deeply for the Huff family, may you feel God's hand in your life during this difficult time. My love and prayers go out to John and his family. God Bless.
Casey Robinson
January 15, 2021
11:30 am
John was a best friend in high school and college. We were called to the same LDS mission (Leeds England). John walked with me through my formative years. Even now, elements of my personality are directly attributable to him. Too many memories and adventures to describe: Driveway basketball. Scout hikes/camps. Swim team. Tree skiing. Rock climbing. Glacier NP. Banff NP. Yamnuska. Late night philosophical talks. Explosions. John brought humor to tense situations and was a stabilizing influence against our more wild tendencies. I’m shocked and saddened by his death. He will be deeply missed. I offer my thoughts and prayers to his family. Until we meet again.
David Anderson
January 15, 2021
11:30 am
My first memory of John was when his mom put him in my arms almost 50 years ago in Alamosa, Colorado. I had just joined the Church the year before and Duane and Patricia made me a part of their family in every way. So John and his siblings are in a very real way, my siblings too. I was studying at the University of Cambridge when John was serving his mission in the Leeds mission. I took the train up to Bradford to meet one of my own companions, and they took John and his companion to lunch. Again, this was my little brother and I was so glad to see how well he was doing (particularly with his "English" accent! It was far more Pakistani than English but as usual, hilariously John. I will always love you John.
Rick Steadman
January 15, 2021
11:26 am
My first memory of John was when his mom put him in my arms almost 50 years ago in Alamosa, Colorado. I had just joined the Church the year before and Duane and Patricia made me a part of their family in every way. So John and his siblings are in a very real way, my siblings too. I was studying at the University of Cambridge when John was serving his mission in the Leeds mission. I took the train up to Bradford to meet one of my own companions, and they took John and his companion to lunch. Again, this was my little brother and I was so glad to see how well he was doing (particularly with his "English" accent! It was far more Pakistani than English but as usual, hilariously John. I will always love you John.
Rick Steadman
January 15, 2021
10:45 am
I sat next to John on the Blue Knights bus all through the summer of 1990. He and his brother would give me rides from Roy to Denver. He probably didn’t realize it at the time, but he was a kind of good big brother to me - a good example, and unafraid to push me to be better. Glad I tracked him down a few years ago and could tell him.
Shane Bezzant
January 15, 2021
10:03 am
John was once my trek Pa. he was amazing and made us feel like we were an actual family. He was always making us laugh and he helped strengthen my testimony in ways I couldn’t express. Even after trek. Listening to him speak or sing in church always touched my heart. He could make anyone smile when having a rough time. I love John so much and will miss him deeply!
Kennedi DeJarnatt (Curtis)
January 15, 2021
9:42 am
It has been my privilege to work with John at FamilySearch for many years. He is one of the greatest Product Managers I have ever worked with. When he entered a room he always brought excitement and light. He was skilled at improving products and coming up with innovative ideas. He also possessed the ability to work well with engineering teams and build strong relationships. He will be greatly missed, but I know his work continues. I am grateful for his example of love and kindness.
Steven Weitzeil
January 15, 2021
9:21 am
John was always a pleasure to work with at FamilySearch. Smart, happy, funny, but perhaps most importantly caring and willing to listen to others' ideas and thoughts. My family also enjoyed his talents and humor on stage. Blessings and prayers for his family.
Lance McIntosh
January 15, 2021
7:02 am
John and I used to have a fun time joking about him trying to back a trailer. This summer he was returning my trailer that he had borrowed. Where I park it requires that you have to back in off of the street. My neighbor was looking out of the window of his home when John was trying to back the trailer into place. He commented to me at church how he watched John try to back the trailer onto the lane, After a couple of times going back and forth he would drive around the block to try again. The neighbor was quite entertained watching several attempts until John managed to get the trailer parked. One thing that John and I never talked and joked about was my inability to sing anywhere close to the right notes. John I doubt that being able to back a trailer has much value where you have graduated to now, but your ability to sing, love, teach, and make everyone around smile is of the greatest importance. I love you and miss you. I am a better man from having you as my son-in-law. You always had a hard time knowing what name to use when we talked until you and Layne made me a grandpa. Then grandpa easily became the name you used in our conversation. John I’m missing you something terrible. I’ll always think of you when I’m backing a trailer and when I hear someone singing a beautiful song. Grandpa Baugh
Brent Baugh
January 15, 2021
6:41 am
God be with you 'til we meet again! You will be missed, John!
Fábio Falcão Lucas
January 14, 2021
9:06 pm
I hired John when he started with the Church--he was always so nice and funny too! I admired him from the beginning of his employment because he seemed so intelligent and dedicated to what he was hired to do. Since he was so friendly it was always fun to see him around the office because he would crack a joke or talk in a funny voice--he was a friend to everyone. I will miss his kind words and big smile!!
Annette Tucker Matkin
January 14, 2021
7:26 pm
The world is a little sadder without John. He was a great co-worker, always with a smile and ready to be bright light in a dark day. Each time he was talking about a project or presenting a new tool, he always transmitted the love and passion for his work. My sincere condolence to all his family. I am sure he will watch over you all from Heaven...I am really sorry for your loss.
Joel Cole
January 14, 2021
4:41 pm
John was a great co-worker and even though I didn't have a ton of interactions with him, the few I had were memorable. His smile and laugh are definitely the things I will remember the most. He will be missed. An angel has definitely gone to Heaven and I'm sure he is working right now to help us on this side, like he was doing here to help those on the other side.
Denis Modugno
January 14, 2021
4:29 pm
I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work with John at FamilySearch. His kindness and sense of humor uplifted so many of us. I am so sorry for your loss.
Daniel Queiroz
January 14, 2021
4:29 pm
John was a wonderful co-worker. I can't think of anyone kinder, gentler, funnier, or more approachable than he was. He was also very smart in a way that didn't ever show off. If I ever did something that wasn't too smart he would just laugh and laugh and I would laugh also. I will never forget him quoting Gwen from Galaxy Quest, "Look! I have one job on this lousy ship, it's *stupid*, but I'm gonna do it! Okay?"
David Fox
January 14, 2021
2:19 pm
For over 18 years I was able to watch John Huff have a huge impact at I saw his work with many teams and projects that dramatically improved our products and our people. And for the last 3 years I’ve been privileged to work with John on a daily basis as we worked on the same team. I was always amazed at how well he worked with people. He had such a great gift of empowering team members and listening to everyone’s feedback. I will miss his passion and hard work, his love and concern for others and his optimism and humor. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and children who he loved so much.
Brian Jensen
January 14, 2021
2:12 pm
So sorry for your loss ! I have followed voice male for years, as a usher. He was always so comedic and fun to watch.. We have worked at the temple with his parents for last few years, they will be heart broken. We lost a son at age 29. Our thoughts and prayers go with you, Ruth and Winston Watts
Winston Watts & Ruth
January 14, 2021
1:53 pm
My sincere sympathy to John's beautiful family. John touched so many lives at FamilySearch and he will be missed. He was so valued, loved and respected. Elder Packer always expressed someone's passing as a "graduation". I would say without a doubt that John graduated with honors. What a kind man who was always willing to help. Our thoughts and prayers are will Layne and his children.
Tina Salmon
January 14, 2021
1:44 pm
In my home I have several hanging plants gathered from vacations and special places. In 2013 John went on a work trip to the Holy Land. As I remember, he was only there for a few days. When he returned he had two small olive branches pressed in his books and papers for me. They were from the Mount of Olives. I hadn't asked or even thought of asking and yet, here he was with the branches. That I even crossed his mind on such a busy trip is testimony of his goodness. A few years ago he introduced me to a story about Joseph Millett who I think is very much like John. The last words of that story spoken by Joseph Millett could be spoken of John. - "It's good to think the Lord knows John Huff."
Barbara Baugh
January 14, 2021
9:04 am
Singing with John was a joy. He loved to sing high and loud and would make eye contact like he was going to run out of air, but then hold on for a few more seconds after you cut off and then smile a "gotcha" little smile. My absolute best to his family. at a warm and gentle soul.
Adam Scott
January 13, 2021
4:58 pm
I am so grateful for being blessed by John at work. . He was a great product manager with great vision! But more than that a great friend and confidant. He has left a huge hole in all our lives. He spoke frequently of his wife and family and of his love and concern for each of them. I know that John will be "parenting through the veil" to them (Pres. Nelson) and helping us at FamilySearch.
Craig Miller
January 13, 2021
4:19 pm
I've worked with John for many years at FamilySearch. He was the best of the best in so many ways. I'll miss his kindness, knowledge, and humor. He had a great ability to see through complexity and understand what really matters to the people he served. My deepest condolences to his family.
Lynne Van Wagenen
January 13, 2021
3:11 pm
I grew up listening to Voice Male. They are a Christmas music staple in our home. I remember the very first time I ever saw Voice Male live, it was in Montpelier Idaho and I was only 9 or 10. I remember laughing and having fun with my family. Listening to your music has always brought me out of my hard times, because every song is tied to happy memories with my family. To hear about John's death broke my heart and all my love and prayers go out to his family, blood and otherwise.
Makenzie Stevens
January 13, 2021
2:46 pm
I cannot believe he is gone. John was a true friend. I loved getting to know him at Utah State and as a fellow member of Voice Male. We were the ‘baritones’ of Voice Male together (1994-1995). He was patient with me, teaching me how to be a better singer and entertainer. That all came naturally to John. He and I were usually roommates when we went on tour with the choir. We would stay up late and talk about life, and of course he would often tell the funniest jokes. Lots of love to the Huff family and to the Voice Male family.
Darin Dickey
January 13, 2021
11:41 am
Grateful for the opportunity to have worked with John. He really lifted up everyones spirit. After our morning meetings I'd stick around in case he had a story or he wanted to share something random. It was always worth the time. What a great man. Condolences to the Huff family. Thank you John.
Veni Fonua
January 13, 2021
10:18 am
We had the blessing of singing with John in New Horizons at USU. John’s quick wit and endless humor is something we will always remember. He never missed a chance to make someone laugh or smile. A rare gift in today’s world. John’s love for music was evident in every performance. But more importantly, his love for the Savior was evident in the way he lived. Our love and prayers are with all of John’s family and loved ones. May you feel the loving arms of our savior encircle you at this time. Only fitting that today is National Rubber Day - Just for John!
Marci and Rob Peacock
January 13, 2021
9:49 am
John was an angel to our family. He gave our son James a measure of true friendship. James was socially handicapped and John chose to be his friend. It was a true and needed support that enriched our family. We loved John. Our condolences to his family, especially Pat and Duane..
Connie Duke
January 13, 2021
9:06 am
Thanks, John, for always promoting excellence in our work here at FamilySearch. You were a passionate champion of the customer and our users, and your legacy here will continue to bless countless lives for generations to come.
Mike Sandberg
January 12, 2021
9:34 pm
I took my grandchildren to a show at Weber State University a few years ago go the children's music production and have been fans of Voice Mail ever since. We as grandparents took our children and grandchildren and a few neighbors as Christmas gifts to a concert at the Salt Palace. I hope you can regroup and continue your concerts each year. It looks like a wonderful family, I send condolences and offer prayers for you. At almost 78 that children's songs tape is the first one I play when I want a pick-up. I was a teacher too and so I love those children's songs.
Charlotte Summers
January 12, 2021
7:40 pm
John and I started at FamilySearch within a few months of each other. It was like a brother coming to work with me. He made everyone feel that way, like you were one of his best friends. We talked about work and just about everything else. When we needed a good example to show others what a good job looked like I always referenced John. He worked hard and smart. He knew that the details were important and making sure you learned as you went was key to the end being brilliant. Thank you for sharing his time and energy with each of us. He is doing something very important or he would not have been taken so early. God Bless
Bill Mangum
January 12, 2021
5:19 pm
I first met John when we were both at Utah State. I had joined the Institute choir up there and it was then that I was introduced to Voice Male and I was immediately smitten. I loved the music, I loved the sound and I loved the heart and humor of the group. It wasn't until years later that I realized that John was literally at the heart of what made me love Voice Male so much. I count it a privilege that I got to go on tour with the guys and sing with them, even if it was just a short trip to Southern California. It's a memory I'll treasure. Years later, I met John in a different capacity when I started working for FamilySearch. Our paths didn't cross much but everyone, and I do mean everyone that worked with him always had such wonderful things to say. And the times that I did get a chance to interact with him, he was smart, self-effacing and embodied the quality of doing good for all the right reasons. I always looked up to John. He was truly one of a kind and I'm sad I didn't get to know him better. I hope that at some point in the eternities, I have that privilege.
Andrew Parker
January 12, 2021
2:12 pm
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Huff and Voice Male family. John's life, personality and character has brought light to thousands of people. His humor was like a good meal that you could enjoy the second and third time. John and Voice Male assisted me while I was running for student office at Utah State. John helped come up with a jingle that Voice Male serenated the freshmen girls with. I look forward to hearing John and Phil sing in the choirs of Heaven!!
Craig Rees
January 12, 2021
2:09 pm
I worked with John at FamilySearch and he sang in my band for 6 years. I will miss his wit, humor, intelligence, compassion, and many talents. It was a blessing to know you! RIP John!
Paul Burnside
January 12, 2021
1:36 pm
I have known John since he started working for FamilySearch. Over the years we had various opportunities to work together on projects, occasional work trips, and most recently we have been on the same team. I loved to learn from John and he was a great teacher and mentor to me personally. His humor always added to the moment, and I always looked forward to hearing what John would say or how he would react. I truly appreciated his confidence in my skills and abilities, when at times I felt that I was lacking. I already miss his smile, knowledge, and his desire to help everyone around him do better and improve. John truly made the world a better and happier place. He left an example of how we all need to live our lives. Thank you John for being a disciple of Jesus Christ. I know you are still helping all of us, just now from the other side.
Merrill White
January 12, 2021
11:55 am
My heart-felt prayers of faith are with the Huff family. I too will deeply miss John, both here at FamilySearch and his music. He will continue to light the world. May the Lord bless the Huff family and this very difficult time.
Dan Peay
January 12, 2021
9:23 am
This is very sad news, and I know I speak for the entire choir when I say that we pray for his family as they face the future after this terrible loss of their dad and husband. I know that our Saviors arms are wrapped around this beautiful family and he will bring comfort to them over the next few months and years. As a choir, our interactions with Voice Male were always great moments for all of us, and I am so glad we were able to work with you this past summer for our virtual concert. This video will now be a treasure in our archives. May God bless all of these amazing musicians as you continue forward spreading joy through music. John will be right there with you.
Sterling Poulson, and members of the Choral Arts Society of Utah
January 12, 2021
9:17 am
John was one of the best people to work with. He was always willing to listen to the ideas of others and was passionate about improving the experiences of those using FamilySearch. One thing that always struck me about his personal priorities was that he spent time with the people in his life up close and in person and shunned social media. He cared deeply about others and never wanted too much attention or credit for his inspired contributions. I will certainly miss John. What a wonderful person! May you be comforted by the Savior at this time.
Jim Ericson
January 12, 2021
8:52 am
The last time we saw John was at Roots Tech 2020. Your amazing group beautifully sang the opening hymn dressed in matching suits. Later on, as a supervisor at Family Search, John was giving a presentation to a large group when a woman in the audience said, "Say, aren't you one of those guys who sang this morning?" John said "No, those guys were wearing suits." So typical of the great humility you ALL exhibit at your concerts. We have been following you since 2000 when you gave a 4th of July concert in Midvale. We love it and still love your music. Phil is gone and now John. PLEASE FIND A WAY TO CONTINUE. WE LOVE YOU ALL.
Max L. Pugmire and Marilee Pugmire
January 11, 2021
4:14 pm
I started working for FamilySearch shortly after John did 18 years ago. I was delighted to be working with someone from Voice Male! I became a Product Manager a couple years later and John helped tutored me kindly and often. I was never afraid to ask him questions because he was always so willing. Even if he was busy I knew I could ask and wouldn't be treated like I was bothering him. He has the best sense of humor and every meeting, every project, was more fun with him involved. Most of the LDS artists I know and listen to are because he introduced me to their music. My huge music collection expanded immensely during the years I worked with John. I always thought the chipmunk voice was electronically produced somehow, until John proved otherwise... Thank God that music is recorded on media and my memories are recorded in my brain so I can enjoy them both always. Love you brother! See you on the other side.
Cullen Brimhall
January 11, 2021
3:33 pm
From the seminary class, to yarny ball in the seminary hallway, and on the basketball court with Christian...good chats on the basketball bleachers, singing in the Melchizedek Priesthood choir for general conference...hearing Voice Male in about 1997 or 1998 when they came to sing for a seminary morning devotional in Hyrum....the John Huff goodness will continue with us and through his wife and children in so many ways - blessing us all and blessing this earth - until we all are united some day in a big reunion! When someone like John graduates to the next stage - we all feel it in our families and can't help but want to be a little better. Much love to you all Huff's.
Bro. Andrew Watkins
January 11, 2021
2:01 pm
John was unique in the way that you instantly felt like he was one of your best friends. The thing is, he truly loved everyone that he met. Even though I have seen him every few years, he and I would pick up on a conversation just like we saw each other yesterday - like we had an inside joke that was just waiting to be laughed at. John had a great memory for detail too. Like reminding me that when we played little league baseball and we were in the 4th-5th grade North Logan/Hyde Park championship game. He spoke fondly about my father coaching our team. He also, with his John Huff sense of humor, would make fun of himself being the dandelion-picking right fielder. John is one of the great ones and will be sorely missed!
Kevin Davidson
January 11, 2021
1:56 pm
John and I started working at FamilySearch around the same time, and he was one of my best friends there. His combination of intelligence, kindness and willingness to listen made him among the best of people to work with. He was also hilarious, which made work so much more fun. I'm very sad to have to continue the work without John's delightful presence and capable direction. I'm sure he will be doing great things where he is now, but that doesn't make it easy for those still here. Our prayers are with your family.
Randy Wilson
January 11, 2021
1:35 pm
I am beyond sorry for you loss. John was incredibly special, kind, goofy, loving, and endearing. I remember listening to Voice Male growing up. My friends and I would dance to their music! I also have a memory you Layne and John. When I came home from treatment, I attended my nieces bday party. John and Layne both were in attendance. I was beyond nervous and worried about judgement. Both John and Layne gave me a big hug and just told me how happy they were to see me. No judgement, just love, genuine kindness, and care. I always was able to talk with them and they made every effort to include those that seemed aloof or quiet. Thank you for always being supportive and kind. He will be missed but never forgotten.
Bethany (Jacobs) Allred
January 11, 2021
11:06 am
I grew up with John's younger brothers Steve and Daniel. As I look back on many fond memories with the two of them in Elementary, Middle and High Schools I am saddened for the loss of your older brother. May you be comforted during this difficult time of loss. I also rubbed shoulders with John Luthy not so much through Voice Male but as he was dressed up in a Mickey Mouse costume visiting and dancing with my Father's Handicapped seminary students that he taught all over Cache Valley. Those are some great memories John Luthy. I am sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Lastly I have great memories of John's father teaching and directing choirs at the Institute building at Utah State University. I remember watching one of your earlier Voice Male concerts at the Institute with him conducting as all of you sang probably in 1994 filled with awe at your talent. Thank you so very very much for sharing that with all of us. My condolences to your family. May your reunion in a future day be filled with much, much, more joy than the pain and sadness that you are feeling during this time of separation. We love you and wish you the very best.
Dallen Henderson
January 11, 2021
10:35 am
John is a great guy. I enjoyed being on his team at FamilySearch. He made the meetings a lot of fun. He did a lot to push forward the work of the Lord at FamilySearch. I feel he is still involved in the work and is helping us from the other side. Prayers are going out to his family. He will be missed.
Patrick Liechty
January 11, 2021
10:21 am
John will forever live with fondness in my memories. I know I will see him again and embrace him. I know he is already doing great work on the other side of the veil to help the work of the Lord and to support his family. He was a dear friend. My memories of John will always be sweet and fun.
Mike Bowen
January 11, 2021
9:56 am
We've been to your Christmas show for years and he was always the highlight because of his silliness. He will be missed. Our prayers go out to his family and friends.
Cathy Voorhees
January 11, 2021
9:17 am
We were so shocked to receive the news of John's passing. We've attended the annual Christmas concert and a few others in between over the past decade or so and quickly came to embrace John's uniqueness and humor. Our children always looked forward to participating in the Rubber Ducky song with him. We've enjoyed having Voice Male's music in our home over the years and will continue to do so. Our best wishes go to his family and fellow group members at this difficult time.
Scott, Yvonne, Braden and Brynley Campbell
January 11, 2021
8:38 am
I am grateful for the great influence of John on my life and the lives of many who enjoy family history and those who enjoy uplifting and fun music. I have truly enjoyed working with John and have enjoyed some limited commute time with him. He has been a thoughtful and considerate man!
Brent Eggleston
January 11, 2021
8:29 am
My mother attended Voice Male concerts with my father as long as they could. In my mother’s last few years of life she lived with me. She loved to listen to Voice Male CDs each night. Occasionally she listened to the Tabernacle Choir CDs in the evenings, but when we turned out the lights, Voice Male was turned on. The music gave her peace, comfort and hope as well as some giggles as she grieved my father’s passing. I think it helped her remember my dad (who also loved to sing). I hope my parents have now connected with John and that they are enjoying musical praise to the Most High God. Thank you, John (and Voice Male and family members), for sacrificing your time and using your talents to share so much love. Your music made a huge difference in Mom’s life and continues to do so in my life as well. ❤️❤️❤️
January 11, 2021
7:48 am
I'm so sorry for your loss! John was a blast to play french horn with in high school & it was fun to dance with him at the church youth dances while he sang Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked & Walked..... and of course his favorite Rubber Ducky, You're the One.... Much love & prayers of comfort for his family & friends.
Jayna Moser
January 11, 2021
7:30 am
I was shocked to hear this. Please let Lane and the kids know how sorry I am. John is a great person who always made me laugh. When they moved to Huntington to have more land and raise animals the family was so missed in our ward. Now he has graduated to bigger and better things. He will be making people laugh on the other side of the veil. Sing with the heavenly choir John. Love you guys.
Debi Bartlett
January 11, 2021
5:13 am
My condolences. I am so sorry to hear that John has passed away. We met in London at RootsTech and had so many laughs together. We will all miss him very much. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends, may the Lord bless all of you. Sabine
Sabine M. Fiedler
January 10, 2021
11:05 pm
My heart and prayers go out to John’s family. Going to voice male as a kid was honestly one of my favorite family traditions we had. I remember one show where we stayed a bit later to see everyone come out and I remember John talking with my grandma and how he made her laugh. That memory makes me so happy! I lost my sweet grandma while I was on my mission, and I like to think my Grams gave John a big hug in Heaven thanking him for all the love and laughs he brought to our family and so many others. Grateful for the knowledge of the Gospel that brings peace knowing our loved ones are with our Heavenly Father watching over us. What a great day it’ll be when we are all reunited! Thank you John for all the laughs, joy, and peace you brought into our lives. God bless your sweet family always.
Kassidy Bate
January 10, 2021
10:38 pm
I remember going to voice male concerts when I was younger. My family and I would go as a Christmas tradition. I always looked forward to this tradition because their music would bring the Christmas spirit so powerfully. Rest In Peace,
Brandon Andersen
January 10, 2021
10:24 pm
I have always been a big fan of voicemale, I never knew any of the singers, just loved the music and accapella singing. I now sing in a barbershop chorus in northern Utah and one day we have a new singer. He said, oh, Ive sang a time or two before. Turns out it was John. When I found out he was John Huff from Voicemale, I was so excited. He was just one of the baritones, and fit right in. But oh how he can post. He can sing longer and louder than anyone I know! He absolutely loved singing and we loved having him be a part of our North Front Sound family. What a great joy we had to share his voice with us for a while. He learned our songs and came to competition with us, even though he didn't like singing competitions. We have a song, that we sing each time we leave, and it has become a great treasure to us. It is called "The Parting Glass". John, we all raise the parting glass in your behalf for now and always. Love you brother. We wish your family well, and your fans everywhere, "Joy be with you all"
Dean Davidson
January 10, 2021
9:12 pm
Our hearts are heavy with this news. 😢😭💔 Thanks John Huff for sharing your talents of humor, quirkiness, and fun through your singing and demeanor. You brought us so much joy and full on belly ache laughter every time we attended the Voice Male concerts. How greatly you will be missed!! We are sure heaven is brighter with you in it. It gives us great peace to think of you and Phil reunited and singing in heaven. ❤️ Thanks for all of the wonderful and cherished memories!! Our favorites include Rubber Duckie, the Chipmunk Song, and “Simba” at the end of “Lion Sleeps Tonight.” 🥰#DucksForJohn💛🐤🐥 *We are sending many thoughts, prayers, and comfort for all mourning and grieving John’s loss. Our deepest and heartfelt thoughts go out to John’s family and the members of Voice Male. Please know we wish you comfort and peace at this time. ❤️
Havila and Michael Nelson, Jennifer Parker
January 10, 2021
5:45 pm
I was so shocked to hear this sad news. I was blessed to hang out with John in New Horizons, Voice Male, and in most of my chemistry classes at USU nearly 25 years ago. A brilliant, funny, talented, guy. A good friend. Amy and I send our love to Layne, their kids, Johns' parents and siblings, and the whole Voice Male family.
Jason Gerber
January 10, 2021
4:55 pm
I've worked with John in different capacities over the last seven years and will miss him deeply. Not only was he talented musically and incredibly funny, John was one of the brightest people I've worked with at FamilySearch or elsewhere. He was creative and energetic. So many improvements to the family history experience over the last few bear John's fingerprints. My kids also looked up to John tremendously. I'm so sorry for your loss Layne and family. May the peace of our Savior comfort you during this difficult time. I pray that you may feel John near.
Jon Morrey
January 10, 2021
4:53 pm
Thank you for sharing John with us for the last 25 years. His humor, personality, and unprecedented talent brought joy to our lives in so many ways. He will never be forgotten!
Julie and Ann
January 10, 2021
3:09 pm
We, like all, were caught by surprise and disbelief when we learned ofJohn’s passing. Tami reminded me that John was so thoughtful to seek her out in numerous sightings to express thankfulness for sharing musical talents with his children. I, on the other hand, new John as a fellow Church employee and carpool/vanpool rider. John always added spice to any conversation. His personality brought a smile to your face. I will always remember his early morning phone calls to tell us he was “almost there” and if we would wait for him. We would on occasion turn around to find his old truck pulling into the Walmart parking lot. In the afternoons, John would ask us to wait as he had a late meeting. We would always wait for John as he was with waiting for. We will miss you, my friend. Will you wait for us?
Steve and Tami Van Dusen